PBS Newshour Caught Distorting Jill Stein Interview by Astute YouTuber

YouTuber Matt Orfalea compared the unedited Facebook version of a PBS Newshour interview by Judy Woodruff of Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein with the edited broadcast version and found some clever deception. Here is the Matt Orfalea video:

THE RED PARTS in the transcript below were censored out.

WOODRUFF: Are you saying that you think literally that Hillary Clinton is every bit as bad for the country as Donald Trump?

I wouldn’t say there are no differences, but the differences are not enough to save your job because Hillary Clinton, you know, and now her transition director, Ken Salazar, you know, they’re big proponents of the Trans-Pacific Partnership which is basically NAFTA on steroids. And most observers believe that it will send our jobs overseas as well as undermine American sovereignty by bringing in these international tribunals that get to pass judgment on our laws — on our public health protections — on our worker protections. So you can’t — you know, we can’t count on saving our jobs — saving our lives — one in three Americans now cannot afford health care under Obamacare — or saving the planet because Hillary has been a big proponent of fracking as is Ken Salazar, her transition director.

So, we feel that in this election, we’re not just deciding what kind of a world we’re gonna have, but whether we’re gonna have a world or not going forward. And knowing that the majority of Americans is unhappy with these two party choices, this is the time for us to open up.

Americans have not only a right to vote but a right to know who we can vote for. So, we’re pushing for opening up the debates and then let’s see how the chips fall.

As Lee Camp, the host of RT program Redacted Tonight pointed out, the edit made Jill Stein look nutty:

One of those versions makes Jill Stein sound like a f@&king moron… There’s a difference, but there’s not enough to save your job. And who knows if there’ll be a world going forward.

Matt Orfalea suggests, “Please complain about it on PBS’s Facebook and Twitter.”