President Donald Trump is Coming January 20, 2017

The establishment media continues to declare Donald Trump down for the count. After Donald Trump unexpectedly defeated many of the top Republican presidential candidates, and after Donald Trump unexpectedly received majorities of voter support in the later primaries, and after Donald Trump unexpectedly became competitive in the national polls, the establishment press is still counseling Donald Trump on “how bad” he is doing.

Today, Chris Cillizza at The Washington Post declared with certainty that “what you cannot dispute is that the way he has run his campaign since winning the Republican nomination two months ago has been absolutely disastrous.” His evidence? Donald Trump opened himself to bad headlines by voluntarily defending himself over the storm created by “his campaign tweeting out and then removing an image that looked suspiciously like the Star of David.” As a result, a day where there should have been good headlines for Trump filled with bad ones against him: “It’s hard to explain how bad that turnaround is for Trump. And how avoidable it all was.”

The Washington Post story shows up directly on the heels of an earlier story in The Observer by Jared Kushner. Donald Trump is father-in-law to Jared Kushner, who decided to publish a few paragraphs about the ordeals of Holocaust survivors in his Jewish lineage, and also explained:

In my opinion, accusations like “racist” and “anti-Semite” are being thrown around with a carelessness that risks rendering these words meaningless… There’s real racism in the world. There’s real anti-Semitism in the world. These are pernicious, dispiriting truths… But blaming Donald Trump for the most outrageous things done by people who claim to support him is no different from blaming Bernie Sanders for the people who stomp and spit on American flags at his rallies.

As the media comes down on Donald Trump, support for his campaign becomes stronger. If the establishment press majority truly opposes a President Donald Trump, it needs to tone down the rhetoric and try to gain back some credibility by presenting genuine issues without all the excitement. That is not likely to happen.

Hillary Clinton was the 2008 shoe-in who did not make it. She has again been declared the shoe-in for 2016. She just squeaked by in a tough primary campaign against a socialist insurgent. Now the previously beaten shoe-in is running against the undefeated.

Donald Trump has surpassed all media expectations, even those by the polling organizations. Donald Trump is not just supported by conservatives, but his anti-Iraq war views have attracted quite a few liberals. Expect President Donald Trump.