State of the Primaries: Updated Color Maps for Dems and Reps, Leaders Only

MAPS UPDATED MAY 17. With the Republican contest seeming to become a two man race, a color map including just these two has been created to update the earlier report. This map shows the relative percentages of Trump versus Cruz by adding their percentages together and dividing by both percentages. Other candidates are excluded.

The closest race was Alaska, where Trump received 47.9 percent and Cruz took 52.1 percent. Thus, it is the most purple. States that lean more red are Donald Trump wins. States that lean more blue are Ted Cruz wins.state-primaries-color-maps-republican-two-man

If the race is reduced to these two contenders, it is likely that Ted Cruz would receive a higher relative percentage of the vote as supporters of other establishment candidates would be inclined to move to Cruz more than to Trump. This race is not over.

Here too is the updated Democratic map. On this map, Iowa is the middle state. Iowa was a virtual tie. States that are more red went to Hillary Clinton. States that are more blue went to Bernie Sanders.