Protests and Pandemonium: “TrumpRiots” Erupt Over Election Results

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Republican “outsider” Donald Trump won the electoral vote and has been declared president-elect. Opponents rushed to the streets to express their outrage against the official results.

The likelihood of positive change may be largely decided in these first few days after the 2016 election. As far as most ‘regular’ people can tell, angry mobs of protesters are committing violence against a democratic election. The images coming out now will burn in the minds of decent people.

These images from hashtag #TrumpRiot will be presented incessantly by the well-funded establishment behind Donald Trump and the Republican Party — in much the same way that the Hillary Clinton email server issue was entrenched. (Click pictures to enlarge)


It does not take much to make a political point — just a few good pictures. Appeal to emotion. Republicans already have them and they will use them for political effect. When someone asks, “How did this turmoil start?” these pictures will answer the question. The ‘righteous’ ground is swiftly being lost.

Truth matters. Democracy matters. The order of wrongdoing matters. Donald Trump has not used his official position for wrongdoing yet. He will. But by the time he does, possibly millions of people only half paying attention will have already decided who started the ‘war’ here. This is something we have seen frequently in recent times.

Protest something real and tangible. Try one of these things:

  1. Protest the Democratic leadership who let the election slide away.
  2. Protest the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).
  3. Protest the languishing Supreme Court nomination.
  4. Finally, protest the Electoral College or the integrity of the election.