Evan McMullin for President: CIA Operative and Goldman Sachs Man Offers Alternative

A new candidate has suddenly appeared like a hat trick. He happens to be a Goldman Sachs boy, a CIA operative, and a plain old establishment Republican on this issues much like the 16 who were rejected in the primaries. But he is offering an alternative for change.

Evan McMullin is running for President of the United States of America for 2016. To show just how serious Evan McMullin is, he collected the required $5000 in donations and filed his Statement of Candidacy with the Federal Election Commission (FEC).

Of the 1874 candidates running, Evan McMullin was 1844th to file, submitting the official form August 15, 2016, shortly after One Cent Piece filed (1839), and well ahead of Yeshua Lord MightyGod Jesus Christ (1867). Evan McMullin has never run for an elected office.


Wednesday, The Hill interviewed Evan McMullin. The report emphasized that Evan McMullin wants to be included in third-party debates. McMullin “describes himself as a ‘center-right’ Republican.” From the article:

Independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin is challenging Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson and Green Party nominee Jill Stein to an undercard debate.

McMullin on Wednesday told The Hill in a Facebook Live interview that he’d be happy to throw down with Johnson and Stein in a separate debate. It appears increasingly likely that only Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton will make the cut for the first presidential debate later this month.

“I’d like to debate Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, I think I’d do well. But in lieu of that, or until we get to that point, I’d be happy to debate Gary Johnson and Jill Stein,” McMullin said. “I think the American people, in this election especially, deserve as many options as they can get, so we’d welcome that opportunity.”

Nobody can argue with the idea that people deserve “as many options as they can get,” but the plain establishment Republican option was already rejected soundly in the primaries. Including his rejected platform in a “third party” debate is not indicated.

It does not take a deep dive into the land of conspiracy to suggest that Evan McMullin has joined this race to make a circus of third parties so that big money parties appear more credible — especially when the big media gives the big CIA man so much free exposure.


While most of the 1874 official presidential candidates are ignored by the mainstream media, for some reason, Evan McMullin has caught the corporate imagination.

The day before FCC received the form from Evan McMullin, ABC News gave nearly seven minutes of airtime to profiling and interviewing the “virtual unknown” who never ran for elective office.

ABC host Martha Raddatz tells us that Evan McMullin went undercover as a secret counter-terrorism operative, then worked at Goldman Sachs. “You have a very impressive bio,” she gushes.

Evan McMullin finds neither of the two big party candidates acceptable. He says that Donald Trump “can’t win. He’s not a credible candidate.” Hillary Clinton “believes she is unaccountable to the American people. She favors these old ideas.”

Asked about the “other alternatives” for voters, Evan McMullin does not think they are any good either. “The Green Party is essentially a single-issue party,” he claims without telling us what the single issue is. Martha Raddatz does not ask. Gary Johnson “is not a credible person on foreign policy [and] … I have some other concerns about his suitability.”

With that, Martha Raddatz smiles and thanks Evan McMullin for being on TV.

Fox News gives Evan McMullin 13 minutes of free TV interview time, in two segments, on the same day that the FEC form is filed. The interview sounds very serious and discusses substantive issues — leaving the viewer with the impression that this man is a legitimate contender.

In the Fox interview, Evan McMullin is “for” whatever it takes to get to “yes” on free trade, but “we do need to hear” the concerns of displaced workers. “We need to secure our borders,” and put up walls in some places; but he is “not for deporting 11 million people.” The Syrian refugee situation contains much “hysteria.” To destroy ISIS, ground troops should not be taken “off the table” but there are “better options… I don’t think Gitmo [Guantanamo Bay] should be closed.” The gay marriage decision is done and should be left alone, but the Roe v. Wade abortion case should be overturned.

In other words, he has pretty much the same views as the 16 candidates that the Republican base rejected in the 2016 primaries. But Evan McMullin will bring us change. Goldman Sachs and the CIA said so.