YouTube Video Search: 100 Percent Against Black Lives Matter (BLM)

Search “BLM” at and see what shows up. On the first page, after the advertisements, there are eighteen videos. All of them are against Black Lives Matter or critical of Black Lives Matter.

Video titles on the first page include:

Black Lives Matter owned … BLM Snowflake goes INSANE … Alex Jones attacked by Communist BLM … BLM Plan To Overthrow America Leaked … Violent BLM protests … and the list goes on.

Not a single video is supportive or even neutral on BLM. Scroll through the screen shot of the first page, then this article continues on the second page below. How long can this string go on?


Now, on to the second page:

BLM Wants Its Own Country Within America … Honest black man destroyes BLM hypocrites … America under attack by Black Lives Matter … CBC Anchor smacks down BLM Social Justice Warrior … BLM Gets run over …

On to page 3 then page 4, through 74 videos — all critical or against BLM all the way, with one possible exception on page 2 by user name VikingPreparedness who says “Everyone’s being played.”