Just Before Christmas, UK Releases Instructions for Those Facing Shooters: Run, Hide, Tell

A new video warning citizens in the United Kingdom of the high terrorism threat has been released just before Christmas. The three-minute video comes from the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) and provides instructions for dealing with an event involving a shooter. Here is the video. (Article continues below)

The video is called “Stay Safe: Firearms and Weapons Attack.” Citizens are being trained to “run, hide, and tell.” Here is how it works.

1. RUN. Consider your route. Ask others to come, but don’t wait. Find a safe route and leave. Get far away.

2. HIDE. “If you can’t move to safety, hide.” Lock the door, be quiet and turn off your phone.

3. TELL. Tell the police. Dial 999. Give location and “as much information as you can.”

Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley, National Counter Terrorism Policing Lead, warns, “The threat level is currently set at the level ‘severe.’ That means an attack is highly likely. Indeed it’s been at that level for over a year. ” First, he warns us, “If someone acts upon instinct and perhaps decides to fight because they have no choice, then, of course, we would never criticize them for that.”

The narrator then appears to contradict the Commissioner by saying that these kinds of attacks are very rare. She goes on to instruct the people:

The police may be unable to distinguish you from the attacker. They may treat you firmly. Do everything they tell you to do. Don’t make any sudden movements or gestures that may be perceived as a threat. Stay calm …

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