Petitions to Use Paper Ballots in Elections Are All Over the Web

The White House operates a website for petitions. Recently, there have been petitions to request paper ballots.The White House will respond to any petition that gains 100,000 signatures in a 30-day period. None of them has received a significant number of signatures as of yet.

General Election – Paper Ballots and Hand Counted was posted by “T.W.” today.

There is a lot of fear about the General Election will be rigged based on the recent events of that have happened at the DNC and Emails related to their corrupt actions. To fight against potential voter fraud and corruption; the American people are demanding that electronic voting be suspended this year and replaced with ‘paper ballots’; and should be counted by hand by NON-PARTISAN volunteers. Sign this petition to ensure that our election is not hijacked by hackers, corrupt politicians, or bought interest groups.

Call for Paper Ballots was posted by “R.P.” on August 13.

It is commonly known that digital ballot machines are vulnerable. This is also nearly an axiomatic feeling among voters. This petition calls on congress to act swiftly and enact paper ballot voting rules to insure non-electronic tampering by ANY source.

Pick our Presidents with Paper was posted to the White House petition site by “S.D.” on July 29. This one is out of date under the site rules. (2591 supporters)

2 out of the 3 major electronic voting machine companies are Clinton foundation donors. This is a clear conflict of interest, and considering that this is already going to be a multi-billion dollar election, it is of the utmost importance to squash any doubt from the American people about the legitimacy of their elections. Paper ballots are much harder to alter and rigging would be much more visible. The added cost of paper ballots pales in comparison to the multi-billion dollar campaigns being run and the preservation of our sacred voting process. has similar petitions.

Stop Election Fraud by Banning All Electronic Voting Machines! (8701 supporters) by WakeUp America.

The right of citizens to vote for government officials is one of the most sacred rights in a free society, and is the bedrock of representative democracy… In order to prevent election fraud and to ensure the transparency of our elections, electronic voting machines must be banned. By outlawing them, we pave the way for a return to paper ballots, which leave a clear trail and allow for direct public observation.

Make hand counted paper ballots for official elections mandatory by law (794 supporters) by Jerry Rose in Olympia, Washington, who has only one petition on the service.

In such a technologically advanced environment that exists in these times we need a new law mandating manually counted paper ballots in elections to eliminate the risk of hacking, or even the very perception that such crimes are being perpetrated.

Demand we go back to paper ballots for voting!!! (21 supporters) by Gina Little, who has only this one petition too.

To preserve the integrity of our votes, all citizens of the USA need to demand that we go back to paper ballots that cannot be manipulated! We need to accept that computer ballots are too easily and ACTUALLY ARE MANIPULATED! Our votes are legal documents that need to have the integrity of physical paper evidence that can be recounted & monitored by ALL parties! posted a petition to ask presidential candidate Bernie Sanders to fund exit polling in California.(9160 supporters)

The corporate media has decided to stop performing exits polls on the remaining state primaries, removing the only means for determining how much vote rigging might be occurring. We ask Bernie Sanders and his campaign staff to commit to financing a transparent exit poll for California …

Television stations canceled exit polling during the 2016 primaries.

Another petition, this one more generally supporting a “Mandatory Paper Ballot” to be delivered to elected officials in Washington received very little support so far. (46 supporters)

Requiring municipalities provide paper ballots, nationwide, is the only way to stop electronic voter fraud. Paper ballots shall be required to be pen or pencil format. No punches, holes or similar mechanical tallying shall be allowed. The ballot shall require the signature of the voter. The voter shall be furnished with a paper receipt upon completion of the ballot. Carbon copies are preferred.

None of these moves are receiving much attention. The integrity of the vote deserves more attention.