Audio: Julian Assange Talks Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Election, Neocons, More

Julian Assange spoke this evening on connections between Hillary Clinton and the neocons, the authenticity of the candidacy of Donald Trump, television coverage and other things in a lengthy radio interview with Randy Credico live on WBAI Radio.


Hillary Clinton is kind of a predictable, boring liberal war hawk, although I think probably now you have to question whether she’s a liberal war hawk because she’s brought all the neocons onto her side as well … Robert Kagan … William Kristol … There’s about 30 now. Basically, nearly all the neocons that were behind the Iraq War have now backed Hillary… That tells you something about Hillary Clinton, but it also tells you something about Donald Trump…

The neocons’ sense of identity and their interests are not strongly co-aligned with the Republican party… Because I believed naively that the neocons were deeply Republican, and if their interests differed to the candidate Donald Trump — whatever reasons — they might not aggressively push him. Now, that’s very different to crossing the floor and … backing the enemy as far as the Republicans are concerned. So, all along the neocons were not really Republican. They were something else and they had a different agenda.

Hillary Clinton will “accelerate” war policies. There is a “world of difference” between John Kerry’s time as Secretary of State and Hillary Clinton’s time. But “to be fair,” It may have something to do with Barrack Obama becoming concerned about his legacy. Hillary Clinton was the “central figure in bringing about the destruction of the Libyan state.”


For the president, there is a “very narrow pond” of proposals.

They’re produced from the major U.S. corporations and their ability to inject proposals to go into governmental decision-making and lobby for particular ones to be selected and from the [government] bureaucracies… There’s just one point where the candidate really does make a difference and that is in the appointment phase. So, there’s about 3,500 positions that are appointed in the three months of the government coming into office… Hillary Clinton will select certain cronies …


With Donald Trump, he will be appointing a whole bunch of people that come out of his real estate network, people he’s met in the entertainment industry, new friends that he’s made during his campaign. And where there are gaps in his own personal network of trust, he will be feeding from what the Republican Party offers him…


Randy Credico asks the question: “Do you think he’s really trying to win?” Julian Assange finds the question “interesting” but he can only “speculate.”

To speculate whether Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton who allegedly spoke to him about whether he should run, given that they have a close association in the past, the Clintons might have thought it would be helpful to have Donald Trump in there.

I think it is clear now given the amount of effort that he is putting into things, the amount of time that it’s consuming, that he either was genuinely always intending to run as far as possible or he has become trapped into it… Among those 17 candidates, there was a lot of chaff.


Julian Assange talks about his run for office in Australia, “brave woman” Jill Stein, “political operative” Roger Stone, his exercise regime, the recent decision that he is being “illegally detained,” loss of “chief counsel” Michael Ratner, and places to donate funds.


I was just joking with one of my lawyers … This is absurd. [Vice President Joe] Biden calling me a high-tech terrorist [inaudible] calls out for my assassination … We joke like yeah yeah yeah. Wikileaks, they’re a high-tech terrorist publishing organization that is tax deductible in the United States and Europe. Somehow, it doesn’t work, right?


Finally, Julian Assange talks about television. Chuck Todd of NBC is “close with the Clintons.” He was not sure if MSNBC is “effectively a White House outfit.” Wolf Blitzer covered the “collateral murder” video on CNN — but he “made sure to spin it and only take one segment which wasn’t as bad” as others.

Randy Credico spends over half an hour with Julian Assange, then he speaks for the rest of the hour-long program with notorious war protester Cindy Sheehan.

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