Hillary Clinton, Coughing on a Jet Plane, You Got Some Water? She has “Seasonal Allergies”

Hillary Clinton is running for president. Here, she is being interviewed on her plane. She is talking about Donald Trump and his attraction to Russian president Vladimir Putin. “He doesn’t particularly really care whether Putin and the intelligence services attack American institutions. You got some water?”

But Hillary Clinton has this nasty cough. She asks for water and steps away from the camera. But the video and sound continue to roll. In the background, we hear, “What you can know from my doctor’s letters is I have seasonal allergies.”

She returns smiling, noting that she had “the same problem last Labor Day.” Her comments about Trump become softer: “Well, I’m not gonna jump to conclusions.”

This is brought to you by FOX News, which apparently runs the whole four-minute drama live. There are plenty of #HillaryHacking videos if that’s your kind of thing.