Incredible Pictures From Videos of the Gatlinburg Tennessee Fire Apocalypse

What appeared to be a low intensity fire at the Great Smoky Mountains National Park suddenly spread dangerously far and wide by near hurricane force winds, forcing evacuation of Gatlinburg, Tennessee, before the rustic town was engulfed in fire. Residents were trapped by the fire.

As heat and flames arrived, people in the area rushed to get out of the way of the danger. Not everyone made it. So far, the death toll is 13. Thirteen Americans died as a result of this event.

Entertainer and businesswoman Dolly Parton has released a short video to appeal for assistance with her Dollywood Foundation with her “My People Fund.”

This video is posted with the comment, “Cant believe they let it get this bad and didn’t warn people. Wow.”


This video by Michael Luciano was posted live on Facebook. LiveLeak has this description:

Gatlinburg Wildfire Evacuees Have Close Call as Blaze Closes In
A wildfire raging in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park threatened downtown Gatlinburg and the surrounding area on November 28-29. These dramatic videos document Michael Luciano’s harrowing escape from Chalet Village.According to Knoxville New Sentinel, as of Monday evening, the fire had spread more than 500 acres, prompting immediate evacuations in Gatlinburg’s Mynatt Park neighborhood, East Foothills Road, Turkey Nest Road, Davenport Road and Savage Gardens areas.
This video was filmed in a vehicle attempting to flee the blaze. The footage shows the vehicle being forced to turn back towards the blaze by a blocked road. A second video was added later, when the
vehicle had safely evaded the blaze, but not before some pretty hair-raising encounters.

Can you imagine driving through this?


Here is how things look later.


Pray for the community.