Democrat Jeffrey Stein, Nassau County New York District Attorney’s Top Administrator, Tortures Wife

Divorce petition reveals Stein’s strange wife, Carole Mundy, suffers from a battered relationship. “He is a twisted sexual man,” sources say, who enjoys creative foreplay.

The papers reveal that Stein relished sexual acts similar to those of popular top selling novels like “50 Shades of Grey” and acts that millions of people pay to see in big Hollywood movies. “Disgusting!” states Jeremy Farlong. “Watching it or even paying to read filth is one thing, but to actually perform these acts of violence with your wife is blasphemous.”

Stein’s wife, who uses the name “Carol Mundy” and mutually engaged in these acts for 17 years, cites in the court papers they engaged in “antisocial sexual conduct” that was “blatant.” WebLineNews has not been able to verify if these acts were performed in public.

Mundy’s accusations include, “Husband showed wife that he was wearing a male chastity belt with locks under his clothing” and “that he received sexual gratification from wearing this device.” A chastity belt is a device that prevents the performance of sexual gratification. It is worn to express monogamy.

The New York Post described Stein as a “twisted fetishist.” The statement brings to mind the hero of the widely devoured “Fifty Shades of Gray’” a novel about a dominant man who performed similar acts to a young woman – all echoing the Stein/Mundy relationship.

The Post stated, “it seems like the entire city is feeling like…A quivering mass of raging female hormones….contort[ing] with potent, liquid, needy desires” referring to the clamoring demands of countless woman who lustad over the idea of being sexually dominated. Ms. Mundy appears to be an outliar from what millions of women seek today.

“To lust after it, to seek it, to spend billions of dollars to imitate it is one thing,” stated a young woman who wishes to remain anonymous, “but to actually DO what’s in that book is against all God, country and nature….whether or not it is consensual.”

Stein, who is also politically active, may be found to be guilty of having creative kinky sex with his wife of 17 years.

The NY Post states that; “The couple has no kids.” It is unclear at this time whether they mean goats or children.