CNN Focus Group Moderator Appears to Coach Participants While CNN Instant Poll Skews Democratic

A user known as “Donald Trump” at YouTube has posted a video online from the post-debate focus group analysis by “swing voters.” As the camera switches to the focus group, the moderator Pamela Brown can be heard saying “America is great” and waving her arms and hands in a sort of instructive manner.

She asks a question and the focus group member replies with a comment including the phrase. Here is the video. (Text continues below)

CNN also conducted a poll of “debate watchers” right after the poll.

Donald Trump exceeded expectations, but Hillary Clinton won the second presidential debate, according to a CNN / ORC poll of debate watchers. The results showed a clear victory for Clinton, with 57% saying Clinton won, as opposed to 34% for Trump.

Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump by 23 points, not quite as much as in the first debate. However, this poll skewed toward Democrats because, as was said on the television channel, Democrats watch debates more than Republicans do.

CNN chooses to quantify the percentage of respondents who preferred one candidate over another, but CNN chooses not to quantify the skew of the participants. Without that information, this poll is invalid.

Finally, by a “show of hands” CNN found that all but one of the “swing voter” participants in the focus group thought that Hillary Clinton won the debate or that the debate was a “draw.” Only one ended up  concluding that Donald Trump won.

The YouTube account “Donald Trump” had no previous video submission history.