Found Actual Video: CNN Altered Donald Trump Tweet to Delete “Crooked” from Crooked Hillary

UPDATE as expected: The actual CNN video (and not just a screen shot) was posted to YouTube just minutes ago by Mediaite., a former Republican operative site now gone pro-Donald Trump, reports that CNN edited a Tweet by Donald Trump this morning and showed it on television at 7:36 am. Here is a screen shot of the Tweet as presented by Breitbart.


Brietbart shows the source of this information as, another partisan Donald Trump site which provided this screen shot earlier.


The partisan press is up in flames over the notion that CNN doctored the Tweet to remove the word “crooked” from it. This appears to be the actual Tweet.

The Breitbart story is called “Watch: CNN Alters Trump Tweet By Scrubbing ‘Crooked’ Moniker to Describe Hillary.” The word “watch” usually refers to a video, but there’s no video. Searching YouTube, no actual video of the CNN report has been located yet.

It seems odd that CNN would go to such lengths to “doctor” a Tweet only to remove the now famous saying “Crooked Hillary.” It also seems odd that a headline would want readers to “watch” a still picture.

A comment at the Truthfeed site suggests, “It’s because Trump first tweeted it that way then deleted it and tweeted it with Crooked Hillary. He does that all the time.” While this may be possible, it does not explain the 15-hour gap between any deleted Tweet and the CNN report.

Update to story expected.