Hurricane Matthew Live Video Streams as the Category 4 Storm Approaches and Hits Florida

Hurricane Matthew has killed over 300 people on the islands. The hurricane has now strengthened to a Category 4 and threatens the entire south east coast of the United States. The most direct hit is expected in Melbourne, on the east coast in the middle of Florida.

Keep open for updates. The featured picture above comes from this forecast.

Here are live video streams from various locations that promise to be up as long as possible. Some streams may be down at times. Expect updates to this page throughout the period. Add new streams in the comments.

Try the Facebook streaming map for more live streaming choices.

DAYTONA BEACH. New this morning.

MARGATE is in the brunt of it. Earlier, it was showing a live scene. Now, it looks like general reports.

KEY WEST. This stream has been running live for weeks.

MIAMI BEACH. Running for days now, this ocean view shot should be liked and shared. (Click here for another stream from Miami.)

FORT LAUDERDALE. This stream from Fort Lauderdale on the east coast directly in the path of the storm has been running since yesterday and promises to stay live “as long as there is power.”