The Huffington Post Casts for Ridicule Videos: “If We Made Decisions Like Trump Supporters”

According to, a company called Huffington Post is looking for cast members in a production described as following:

Casting a series of vignettes for The Huffington Post, “If We Made Decisions Like Trump Supporters,” in which average Americans faced with everyday decisions use the same logic that some voters are using to support Trump. For example, buying a flaming bag of garbage instead of a brand new car because “we’ve got to shake things up.” In this scene, the captain of a pre-teen basketball team decides to pick the final kid left, even though he’s carrying a box of (fake, added in post-production) poisonous bees, because “he doesn’t want their team to look weak.”

The Huffington Post (HuffPo) is a well-known partisan Democratic website, originally created by Republican-turned-Democrat Arianna Huffington, and later sold to AOL.

One year ago in July, The Huffington Post announced, based on its own editorial assessment, that Donald Trump was not a serious candidate. Coverage would be demoted to the “Entertainment section.”

After watching and listening to Donald Trump since he announced his candidacy for president, we have decided we won’t report on Trump’s campaign as part of The Huffington Post’s political coverage. Instead, we will cover his campaign as part of our Entertainment section. Our reason is simple: Trump’s campaign is a sideshow. We won’t take the bait. If you are interested in what The Donald has to say, you’ll find it next to our stories on the Kardashians and The Bachelorette.

By December, HuffPo declared, “We Are No Longer Entertained.”

Now that Trump, aided by the media, has doubled down on the cruelty and know-nothingness that defined his campaign’s early days, the ‘can you believe he said that?’ novelty has curdled and congealed into something repellent and threatening — laying bare a disturbing aspect of American politics. We believe that the way we cover the campaign should reflect this shift. And part of that involves never failing to remind our audience who Trump is and what his campaign really represents.

HuffPo provided a numbered list of Donald Trump’s transgressions including misogyny, xenophobia and scapegoating of immigrants, bullying, ridiculing, racism, sexism, etc. In other words, HuffPo was going to continue to characterize Donald Trump personally, along with their friends over at The Washington Post.

Seven months later, Donald Trump is almost certain to be the Republican presidential nominee. The personal approach to attacking Donald Trump’s character clearly has failed. If HuffPo and others begin to stage videos ridiculing the logic of Donald Trump or his supporters, they will not be left unanswered. The same poor quality, muddy ridicule will fly both ways, loaded with hypocritical illogical analogies from both sides. Nobody will be informed. Nobody will be changed.

Here’s another idea. Take a look at Donald Trump’s policy proposals — both economic and social. Then, analyze how those policies would affect American life.

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