Eight Fake Conspiracies Versus Real Scandals, Projection by the Trump Administration

Yesterday, the Donald Trump administration was exposed working on a plan to sell nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia as the House of Representatives issued a report. The plan may violate laws. This revelation proves yet again that the Donald Trump administration’s accusations against Democrats are actually projections of their own bad deeds.

Here are eight fake conspiracies versus real scandals, in no particular order. Turns out, that pretty much every allegation against the perceived ‘enemies’ of Republican Donald Trump is a projection outward of things Republicans are doing.

1. We were told that Hillary Clinton sold uranium to Russia. Turns out Donald Trump was trying to pass on nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia.

For years, Donald Trump and the online Republican spam machine propagated a scandal labeled “Uranium One” where traitor Hillary Clinton sold uranium to Russia. The story was never true, but through endless repetition, Republicans got tons of mileage out of it.

Now it turns out that Donald Trump and his cohorts were the ones working on nuclear proliferation. Rather than Hillary Clinton sending uranium to nuclear superpower Russia, which has plenty of uranium anyway, Republicans were working on sending nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia, a non-nuclear state. (Text continues after graphic.)

2. We were told Democrats were the head of the snake of a giant pedophilia ring called hash tag #Pizzagate. Then, when it came out that Senate candidate Roy Moore attacked young girls at a shopping mall, Donald Trump declared, “Get out and vote for Roy Moore.” Many women accused Roy Moore of attacks but one arm of the Republican machine tried to fake charges to discredit those legitimate claims.

3. We were told that Hillary Clinton had DNC staffer Seth Rich killed because he leaked the emails that were released by WikiLeaks. Turns out, it was Donald Trump who helped to cover up the brutal murder of American national and Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

4. We were subject to endless investigations of wrongdoing by Hillary in the Benghazi incident. Turns out, Donald Trump left Americans unprotected in Niger, but the Niger story disappeared among never ending daily scandals of his own.

5. Mitch McConnell, defying history, left a Supreme Court Justice vacancy for over a year to prevent Barack Obama from filling the seat. The seat was eventually filled by Neil Gorsuch, who casts deciding votes in many 5-4 cases. McConnell later rushed to fill a seat as scandals mounted against Donald Trump nominee Brett Kavanaugh, eking out a 50-48 confirmation.

6. But her emails. We were told Hillary was risking national security with her private server, and oddly enough, Republicans were calling for the public release of the supposedly classified emails to prove the violation. Turns out, many in the Donald Trump administration used unsecured devices and private servers. Donald Trump also confiscated translator notes of Russian meetings.

7. WikiLeaks and Julian Assange gained lots of credibility over the years for whistle blowing, and for a reputation of being transparent and objective. In 2016, all of that changed. The best leaks of the year were the Panama Papers, the Paradise Papers and the John Doe investigation leaks, none from WikiLeaks.

Instead, WikiLeaks became a Republican partisan outfit, putting out negative advertisements against Democrats and Hillary Clinton, under its new policy: “We believe it would be much better for the GOP to win.” Later we found out that WikiLeaks was colluding directly with the Trump campaign.

8. Donald Trump claimed that Hillary was going to steal the 2016 election, while the Republican spam machine revealed daily drops from WikiLeaks accentuated with allegations that Hillary stole the Democratic primary. While the DNC favored Hillary in its primary season, it was Donald Trump who stole the general election from the people with voter suppression, voter purges, dirty tricks, and online gaming. That’s all in addition to losing the popular vote count by nearly three million.

The internet has long been spammed full of conspiracies of Hillary Clinton or Democrats. The same words repeated over and over become ingrained in the consciousness of the public so deeply that some eventually lower their defenses and accept the propaganda as true. Others may continue to know better, but in the barrage of repetition, they become unable or unwilling to dispute obvious lies. Nevertheless, the truth is elsewhere.