Driver Plows Through Crowd of Protesters in Reno Nevada, Videos

Two men stopped in a truck whose path was apparently blocked ran through a crowd of Columbus Day protesters in Reno Nevada yesterday. The path of the driver was blocked when threatening words were exchanged so he plowed on through, injuring five people and sending one to the hospital.

At the start of the video, protesters block the truck from moving forward. The man, whose face can be seen clearly in the video, demands that protesters “get out of the way” then starts to rev his engine. The response sounds like, “Get out of the road, punk.” The driver retorts, “You’re in the way, punk.” A protester then issues a threat: “You want me to {stop?} you right now?”

Another protester can be heard saying, “Just back it up … go around man. Just go around.” Driver shouts again, “Get out of the way.” Driver honks the horn. Protester threatens, “I’ll tear you out of that car you little f@^k.” Driver is told to “go around” repeatedly.

Driver accelerates the truck, spins his tires and drives through the crowd and away.

According to KRQE, “Police say the driver stopped several blocks away and called them to tell his side of the story. Investigators interviewed both the passenger and the driver and say they are cooperating.”

There is also a video from Facebook Live.

Quanah Parker Brightman, a member of the protest, has been a long-time protester for United Native America. He was described at KAOS radio:

Quanah Parker Brightman is a Lakota Sioux and Creek Indian who was born in Oakland California. Quanah Brightman is the National President of United Native Americans Inc., a non-profit indigenous movement organization formed by Dr. Lehman L. Brightman in San Francisco, California in 1968 to promote the decolonization and unity of all Indigenous People.

Brightman told the press that the protesters stopped at the Reno arch for a picture when the incident took place. The man who plowed through the drivers was “stalking” the protesters.