Stories by Reporter David Seaman Deleted From The Huffington Post, Stories Still Exist Elsewhere

Reporter David Seaman announced on Twitter late Sunday that his account at The Huffington Post (HuffPo) was dismissed and his stories were deleted from the popular Democratic website. Here are archives of the censored stories:

David Seaman also posted this irate video (Video was removed).

The two deleted HuffPo reports covered questions about the health of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. David Seaman linked to a popular YouTube video on the subject. From the above video:

I don’t like this. This is really not good. I’ve written hundreds of stories, filed hundreds of stories over my years as a journalist and pundit and I’ve never had anything like this happen… This is extremely spooky. I don’t like it …

David Seaman says that he is not suicidal, that he is not clumsy, and that if something happens to him, it should be viewed suspiciously. He also says that he has screen shots of the incident with HuffPo.

While his author page still exists at the website, the two stories, “Donald Trump Challenges Hillary Clinton To Health Records Duel” and “Hillary Clinton’s Health Is Superb (Aside From Seizures, Lesions, Adrenaline Pens)” are missing. The titles show at an author archive, but the stories are gone.

David Seaman has been published at various sites. His reporting has focused upon government surveillance and bitcoin, among other things. His podcast at iTunes has been popular for years.