Amazon Associates Extends Life of “Classic Dashboard” at Request of Users

Amazon Associates” is the affiliate program of the website and marketing company Amazon. The site offers commissions to those who send traffic to that produce sales. Recently, Amazon has introduced a new fancier dashboard for its “associates,” for the first time showing a graphical interface.

Amazon planned to cut off use of the old “classic dashboard” on September 30. However, today Amazon announced that it would continue providing the service until some time in the future as it makes changes to the new graphical system. Amazon will then be providing another period for feedback before requiring “associates” to move permanently to the new system. Here is the notice:

amazon-associates-classic-dashboard-messageWe are writing to inform you of an update to our reporting interface. An initial deprecation date for Classic Reporting on Associates Central was set for September 30th, 2016. However, we will be extending the timeline based on feedback we have received to ensure all necessary functionality has been included in the new reporting system and to make the transition as seamless as possible.

Once the updated deprecation date has been established you will be contacted well in advance to allow ample time for submitting any additional feedback and updating your workflows.

You can continue to use the Classic Reporting interface by clicking ‘Return to Classic Reporting’ link on the top right corner on the reports page.

For additional information about the Reporting Center’s capabilities please visit our FAQ. If you still have questions or need assistance, visit the Customer Service page for contact information.