Nine Main Reasons Hillary Clinton is the Republican for 2016

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Through her long time in public life, Hillary Clinton supported Democratic Party causes in many cases — especially on social issues. On economic issues, however, Hillary Clinton has long been willing to compromise or submit to Republicans. Consider the attempt to expand health insurance in the early years of the Bill Clinton administration. Co-president Hillary declared her primary agenda “failed” and never looked back again (until Obamacare in 2009 which included private mandates). Right after that (and again right after Obamacare), Republicans took the Congress, and the agenda went decidedly Republican.

Many bills were passed with Bill Clinton and the Republican Congress, including the notorious 1999 banking deregulation — preceding the 2008 financial emergency. To be fair, sometimes bills were veto proof with extraordinary bipartisan support, so the co-presidents would be unlikely the stop them. The 1996 Telecommunications Act was key among these bills. Immediately after this critical deregulation bill passed, record media mergers took place — combining an ever-increasing variety of industrial, energy and banking interests to overwhelmingly control the news discourse.

With the creation of Fox News and with other major news sources becoming greater conglomerates, the media landscape appeared to break up into two partisan camps — pushing one party or the other with disregard of facts and ignorance of important information. This media climate brought about the Bill Clinton impeachment. Considering the trends in quality in the late 1990’s, the level of useful information on standard media would have dropped to near zero if the internet did not become popular. Nevertheless, television quality continues to drop.

Here are the seven major current or recent items to indicate that Hillary Clinton, the sudden darling of the mainstream press, has become Republican.

1. George W. Bush agenda Republican neocons rush to sign on to the Hillary Clinton campaign. The latest “potential” defection from Republican to Democrat is none other than George W. Bush himself according to his nephew George P. Bush.

2. Hillary Clinton and her team incessantly push war against Russia. If anything is most important to Republicans, war is number one. In 1979, Republicans focused upon the “present danger” of Russia. In 2000, Republicans planned regime change in seven nations under the “PNAC agenda.” Today, threats are everywhere and the military is “not ready,” according to the Republican military agenda — published by American Enterprise Institute (AEI). Notice that the media does not whisper a word about this agenda — not a peep!

3. Hillary Clinton implemented Bush agenda “regime change” in Libya. Libya was on the list of the target nations that George W. Bush was unable to get to — but the next administration got to it. Hillary Clinton left Libya in a similar condition to how George W. Bush left Iraq.

4. The same corporate media that plainly LIED about WMDs in Iraq to cover for George W. Bush now endorses Hillary Clinton. While major newspapers have often given official endorsements to the Democratic candidate, this year is different. This year, the substance on the news and opinion pages actually matches up with the obligatory endorsements.

Contrary to popular myth, the media is not “Democratic” and it is not “liberal.” Breaking this belief is a whole big discussion itself. Let’s just say here that the media has traditionally pumped up scandals and negative information about Hillary Clinton — it only began to favor her when Bernie Sanders became a serious primary contender. It continues to do so because Donald Trump speaks against war.

5. The integrity of the 2016 Democratic primary elections was about the same quality as the 2004 presidential election [PDF] where George W. Bush was declared winner. These elections are clouded in suspicion.

6. Hillary Clinton preemptively struck against long-held Democratic ideals. The most obvious case of backtracking on long-held “liberal” or “progressive” goals was on full display in the primaries when Hillary Clinton refused to consider promoting single-payer national healthcare. Hillary Clinton claimed she did not want to promise too much, but then she went further: she implied that Bernie Sanders would take away insurance with a single-payer plan.

7. The nomination of “outsider” Donald Trump has given Hillary Clinton free reign to court establishment Republicans, and she makes no secret that she is doing that.

8. The main Hillary Clinton Super PAC is run by a turncoat Republican. David Brock cut his teeth on partisan attacks against none other than Hillary Clinton herself. One day he became tired of the way Republicans treated gay people and switched over, bringing his dirty methods to the Democrats. David Brock runs and the Super PAC Correct The Record (CTR).

9. Clinton investigator Kenneth Starr shows preference for Clinton now. Kenneth Starr, the mastermind of years of Bill Clinton investigations that led to impeachment, lamented Donald Trump as “radical populism” and decided that Bill Clinton has “genuine empathy for human beings.”


Assuming Hillary Clinton wins the election, the very first thing that will happen involves the mainstream press. The media will begin to cover negative information about Hillary Clinton — true and false — so quickly that heads will spin.

If Hillary Clinton continues her long-time “third way” so-called moderate agenda, regular people in the Democratic Party will be furious. There is nothing to indicate that Hillary will shift more toward a Bernie Sanders agenda except a few minor or tentative things in the non-binding Democratic Platform. If potential Hillary voters are not enthused now, wait and see in 2018 and 2020.

Republicans will surely continue investigating the “email scandal” and everything else — real, fabricated or imagined — that implies Hillary Clinton is “corrupt,” just like they did with Bill Clinton. Even if most of the claims are false, this will still have a fatigue effect on the electorate and discourage supporters.

Republicans will retake the Senate in the 2018 election. 2016 is a natural Democratic year but still nobody is sure Democrats will take control of the Senate. It in natural because (1) more Republicans are defending seats than Democrats, and (2) presidential years favor higher turnout which favors Democrats. Whether Democrats gain control or not, 2018 is a natural Republican year. The Senate will be lost — unless “third way” goes away, and even then, it will be a tough task to hold it.

Odds are good that after the 2020 election, a more virulent strain of Republicans will be back in control. The future does not look bright.

November 4, 2016 editor’s note: added items 8 and 9.